Founder & CEO

Ray LeCara Jr. is an American entrepreneur, author, and exponential design engineer. He is the founder, CEO, and lead designer of Authentic Embassy; founder and CEO of Authentic 360; founder and CEO of A-School; founder, CEO, and product architect of Syner G; and partner of the King & Justus Collection.



Rick has been called "the world's greatest strategist" the world over by billionaires, heads of state, and CEOs at every level. After 30 years, Rick still feels like he just qualified to start yesterday, and is constantly honing his craft. "At the speed of change, it's a profound challenge to stay relevant and valuable to leaders," says Rick, "and I'd have it no other way."

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Monique is Rick's secret weapon. She brings extensive experience, operational brilliance, enthusiastic resilience, and loving support to the mix, revolutionizing our world-renowned "identity, practical, and financial capital" business model. Rick lovingly calls her "the real MJ," as he believes she will one day be considered one of the greatest business leaders in history.