Ray LeCara Jr. is an advisor, coach, speaker, investor, associate producer, and author.  A veteran educator and certified trainer with a proven background in instruction, learning methodologies, and personal development, LeCara has spent his life motivating, inspiring, and leading people of all ages by customizing learning experiences to best suit client needs. He is the founder of Authentic Embassy and the founder and Development Editor of SynerG Publishing.

At Authentic Embassy, LeCara and his team grow brands for a living, helping every kind of leader tap into their most authentic selves.  By living and leading authentically, out loud, leaders are then able to transform themselves, their careers, and their businesses. Accessing their most authentic selves by way of their purpose equips LeCara’s clients with a powerful advantage over the competition.

LeCara continues to implement his vision of empowering and equipping leaders to fully discover—and fully express—their authentic selves by growing Authentic 360 and A-School.  A360 is LeCara’s highly-curated group of 360 exponential leaders committed to becoming preeminent experts in their space.

A-School is a digital think tank for new and established exponential leaders made up of executives, entrepreneurs, and professionals. A-Schoolers gain access to the Authentic Digital member portal and archive, LeCara's exclusive interviews, easy-to-follow videos, ready-made templates, swipe files, Fun Sheets, and more.

With four published titles to his name, one of which placed second as novel of the year, LeCara is also recognized for his award-winning short stories. Best Foot Forward, a three year project focusing on student success strategies, details for young readers how to live authentically and prepares them for the future. He continues to write and has even begun branching out into film and screenwriting.

Ray LeCara Jr. resides in Seattle, Washington with his wife, Andera.