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    Success Stories



    “This is exactly what we were looking for with regards to helping our child gain confidence while talking to others in a safe environment. Mr. LeCara exceeded our expectations.”

    — Phil G (2022)




    “Teens who are shy, or those who have learning disabilities. Mr.L is an outstanding teacher. Would highly recommend him.”

    — Kai K (2019)




    “My 15-year-old son took book part 1 and part 2 of this course. He said he enjoyed the course and learned many things, including tips on how to read non-verbal cues and also more about himself, through the assigned homework. He said Mr. LeCara was on-time, organized, and kind. The final project was a challenge for my son but it was really a good exercise for him.

    As a parent, I appreciated the detailed and regular emails with feedback on what was discussed in class, homework assignments, and efforts to just check-in with the teen participants. I also thought it was great that Mr. LeCara tailored the information on communication to include how to do so in a world with masks over faces and decreased in-person interaction.”

    — M (2020)




    “Excellent class. Mr LeCara has a warm and open approach with his students and provides wonderful resources. My son gained an understanding as to why he has had some struggles as well as the confidence to know how to address them head on. It has been a wonderful complement to the new elearning school setting!”

    — Maggie A.




    “Ray has an intangible I’ve never been able to put my finger on, but I would say that he has a way of connecting with truth that I’ve never experienced professionally. There is such a deeply personal, soulful, wonderful man inside of him and it just pours out. There is a sincerity you just don’t encounter often. He’s become more than a trusted ally and coach, but a friend I can reach out for ideas and encouragement. I hope this review gives the reader the impetus to consider Ray’s services greatly and it’s my prayer it has impact because it’s richly deserved.”

    — Robert J (2021)




    “My junior in high school with ADHD took this class before the start of school because one of his biggest challenges is getting organized to study and knowing what to focus on. My son said that the teacher was really engaging, clearly put a lot of work into the lesson plan, and he really liked his teaching style. He said that he now feels like he will be more focused and organized for school this year.”

    — Nancy C (2020)




    “I had the opportunity to work with Ray over the last 8 months and have found him to bring a unique, intentional and relentless point of view. To be fair, when I say relentless, I mean it in the most encouraging way. I am a hard headed and driven person. I’ve started and sold companies. I’ve been in leadership roles for many years. Yet, when I met Ray, I encountered a man singularly focused on the “things that are me.” Ray found a way to coax out the hidden secrets I kept inside for the last 52 years... Examples being my fear of loneliness, my struggles with parents, my struggles as a father and husband, my desires to earn a bigger living and the feelings of failure that surrounded it. Ray helped me see through the challenge of never being enough to being more than enough. For that alone, Ray is worth every second of your investment. I can’t wait to see where we go next.”

    — Robert J L(2019)




    “Truly a master teacher.”

    — Sue P, CFO




    “I have never seen a teacher who was more sincere and cared more for the children. Mr. LeCara deeply cared that my son got the most out of this course and went above and beyond to make it happen! Very rare and much appreciated. As for the course itself, it was very well designed with the right amount of expected involvement and work from the learners. My son really enjoyed it and wants to do the next level soon. If your child needs help opening up, this course is truly amazing. It was recommended by a friend whose 11 year old son was able to put the learned principles into practice and has been able to make friends and have conversations in all settings. So I know it works!!”

    — Indu (2021)




    “Thank you, Ray! Word breathing life into my soul right now! Thank you too for making time to speak with me on Saturday. Thank you for being the embodiment of a true leader. I define a true leader as someone who puts others’ needs, wants, and desires before their own - a servant leader. You are that!”

    — Jon L (2018)




    “This class was managed and executed beautifully! Mr. LeCara took time to connect with each student and provided practical and individualized strategies that empower lifelong learning. He kept students engaged and on task with specific objectives. Mr. LeCara is clearly a skilled educator. He patiently facilitated a safe and challenging environment for my son. In fact, I’ve already scouted out another one of his classes for my daughter. I would recommend Mr. LeCara without hesitation.”

    — Eli H (2020)




    “Mr. LeCara is hands down one of the best teachers. He is well prepared, really engages the kids and is extremely thoughtful in his approach. I can tell he really cares about how the kids are progressing and truly wants to help them be the best they can be. Bravo to Mr. LeCara for an excellent class - my son got a lot out of it, and was made to feel very comfortable in an area (social conversation) that sometimes makes him anxious. I highly recommend this class and Mr. LeCara as a teacher.”

    — Alexandra B (2020)




    “You have outdone yourself with Grace, Mercy and Impact in my life this day! You are a blessing.”

    — Joni L (2019)




    “Excellent, great motivator and wonderful sense of humor. Positive outlook.”

    — Kristin B




    “Teacher Ray Lecara Jr is a great teacher. He is very patient and encouraging to his students. He was quick to respond and always helpful when my daughter had questions. Anyone could benefit from this class who struggles with studying or who needs strategies to help them study. He also addresses anxiety and that was also helpful.”

    — Jennifer (2020)




    “Professional, enthusiastic, well prepared with a GREAT teaching gift.”

    — Debbie B, Business Owner




    “Outstanding person and personality.”

    — Victor R




    “This class was a good value for my learner. Mr. LeCara keeps the conversation going about study skills and how to keep stress at bay in order to stay focused. My learner enjoyed the class and would like to take another class with Mr. LeCara in the future. Thank you!”

    — Andrea H.




    “Very engaging personality.”

    — B.E.




    “This was a great class, and Mr. L is a wonderful teacher who expertly teaches complex material in an understandable way and without talking down. My daughter was very interested in the material and often talked about what she was learning in the class. Mr. L inspired her and gave her a solid introduction to the world of journalism. I would definitely recommend this class.”

    — Jennifer S (2021)




    “Great personality—felt very comfortable. Should be more Rays in this world.”

    — Alis O, Aerospace Manufacturer Employee




    “Mr. L is an amazing, kind, interactive teacher!!!! He is very dedicated to helping the students to be their best and his class offers a wealth of great information for study skills. He checks in during the week and also provides great handouts for reference. I highly recommend this class and teacher. ”

    — An anonymous parent




    “Ray demonstrated a great deal of knowledge… ”

    — Connecticut Tech Firm Employee




    “Excellent content and communication! My son learned a lot and had wonderful things to say about Mr. L!”

    — Lindsay E (2023)




    “Made me comfortable.”

    — Peter R




    “Mr. LeCara is professional, respectful, and positive. He was open to working together to support my child and has a sincere desire to help his students. I would recommend this course to all, but especially to students who are open to reflecting on their own communication style and looking to improve their confidence when communicating.”

    — Melissa D (2022)




    “Excellent teacher! Opened my son’s eyes to things he didn’t consider before. Very grateful for this teacher and his excellent class. My son has learned valuable lessons and had a very good time while doing it. This class is definitely worth your time and money.”

    — Lillyemily




    “This is the second time my daughter has taken classes with Mr. Lecara. She has shown growth both times! He is engaging, patient and kind with his students creating a very warm welcoming classroom setting. Definitely recommend!”

    — Elizabeth




    “This class was helpful for my son to take as getting constructive criticism from Mom is not fun. He learned to cite and how to word statements in stronger ways. Mr. LeCara went above and beyond in being available to the students and helping them throughout the class.”

    — Bonnie S (2020)




    “My experience with Mr. Ray LeCara Jr has been absolutely phenomenal. He’s extremely professional. and courteous. I thoroughly enjoyed my experience and I highly recommend him to anyone as he is one of the very very best in his field. Top-notch!!!”

    — Robert P (2020)




    “Expect to learn a stone of life lessons. Everything worked best. I benefitted most from this class.”

    — Mateo L (2021)




    “Cannot say enough nice things about Mr. LeCara. My daughter absolutely loved the journalism series. She feels like she has found a passion and this is largely due to Mr. LeCara’s positive and caring attitude as well as his enthusiastic teaching style.”

    — Jennifer D (2021)




    “The instructor was very professional & knowledgeable about what he was teaching. He also was caring & made it so I couldn’t wait to apply what I had learned. He made a difference.”

    — Dianne B (2021)




    “I have known Mr. LeCara a very, very long time. My affiliation with Authentic Embassy goes way back as well. They provide an extremely high quality of service. Mr. LeCara is the quintessential teacher/life coach. I would highly recommend Authentic Embassy to anyone. Hats off to Mr. LeCara and his remarkable team.”

    — Robert A.P. (2021)




    “This is a great class with a most excellent instructor!! My son truly enjoyed it and other classes with the same wonderful instructor!”

    — Bethany S (2022)




    “Fantastic class, really helped my son's confidence and understanding of what’s involved with holding conversations.”

    — Camilla R (2022)